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Lucky you being in Negril and all! I’m envious. I I love Jamaica. Especially Negril. It’s one of my favorite places. That beach. OMG. Amazeballs. But get your ass off the beach, mon! There’s so much more to Negril than that beautiful 7 mile long stretch of white sand and crystal clear water. Well maybe not that much more, but you’ll need to eat, get around, at least go to the cliffs once to check it out, right?????? I got you covered. Here it is:

Where to stay:

Treat yo self and stay at Charela Inn. Smack dab in the middle of the beach and absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I really love this place. TIP: Spend the $20 more per night and get a room facing the beach. They’re much nicer than the rooms facing the garden courtyard and it’s worth it. Their food is overpriced. I wouldn’t recommend eating there because of this.

White Sands (right next door) is a good budget option, but they don’t have much of a beach. They do have a nice bar though!

Where to eat:

For breakfast I like to get a real Jamaican breakfast at Coletta’s just across from Rooms on the Beach. It’s a local joint where you can get ackee and saltfish, porridge and various other Jamaican breakfast items. She also serves pancakes and eggs and such if you’re into that kind of thing. It’s very affordable and delicious.  Get there early before the ackee and Saltfish runs out!

Niah’s Patties is great for a snack. He makes his delicious patties fresh to order. Tell him Rebecca sent you 🙂

For dinner you can eat cheaply from a jerk stand on the side of the road. Just pick one. You can’t go wrong. I don’t eat meat, but I’ve had some good conch and rice from those stands. I can’t remember how much I paid, I think around 700J, but it wasn’t much and the portions are large. They also usually have soup a of some kind.

Jerk cart in Negril.

OR if you’re looking for something more ‘fancy’. Check out Three Dives on the cliffs. Very affordable and GOOD. Order your food, sit down and chill while they cook it up. It might take a while as it’s made to order, but they have plenty of Red Stripe so you’ll be fine 🙂

Where to drink:

Tony’s Hut near Wavz Art Complex is by far my favorite bar on the beach. I love it. Perfect place to spend an afternoon/evening and then watching the sun set. Milton and Grace Ann are the best bartenders on the beach!

Best bar on the beach.
Best bar on the beach.


LTU Pub on the cliffs is my other favorite bar. It’s a nice mix of locals and tourists. It has a nice chill, local vibe. Another great location from where to watch the sun set.

If you want to do a pub crawl Lenbert Williams does a One Love Pub Crawl that will pick you up from your hotel lobby around 2:30pm and return you after sunset. He stops at several local pubs that are off the tourist track. Contact him for more info at bananaznegril@hotmaildotcom

What to do:

Mike’s Glass Bottom Boat can take you out snorkeling or out to a picnic on Booby Cay or anywhere else you wanna go. I love Mike and his brother Ricky. They are THE best. You can find them down the beach a bit from Charela (towards town). His # is 876-847-7699.

Floyd's pelican bar
Floyd’s Pelican Bar is on a sandbar a few miles out. They have Red Stripe and can cook you a fresh meal.

You MUST visit Floyd’s Pelican Bar while in Jamaica. You can get a driver for the day and stop at a few places. I’m not a big ‘organized tour’ fan so I chose to stop at Peter Tosh memorial (not much to see, but worth the $10 entry fee I suppose as it IS Peter Tosh) and then at a local cemetery (I like cemeteries). A driver for a day should cost around $100US if not a little more. That shit’s expensive. I couldn’t figure out a cheaper way to get a lot of ground covered in one day. The route taxis wouldn’t be direct to where I wanted to go and I didn’t want to hassle with changing taxis here and there.

What not to do:

Don’t ignore people. You’ll most likely be hounded constantly by people asking you to buy shit as you walk up and down the beach. But don’t ignore them. It’s disrespectful and they will take offense. A simple ‘hello no thank you’ will do. Absolutely DO NOT say ‘MAYBE on my way back’. They’ll remember you and they’ll hassle you some more on your way back.

Getting around:

I use Clive’s Transport for airport transfers. They’re affordable and I’ve never had a bad driver.  I think it’s $60 RT to Negril. Included in the price is a Red Stripe for the road. You’ll need it after that long ass line to get in to the country.

The best driver I’ve found so far is Chris. He has a nice car, he’s safe, he’s a good guy. You can reach him at 876-851-6029 or 876-280-1126. His email is chrisan_mia18@yahoodotcom. He’s the best!

To get between the beach and the cliffs use a route taxi. Simply walk out to the road. Stick your hand out. Tell them where you’re going and they’ll either tell you they’re not going there or to get in. It’s $130J to get to town and another $130J to get to the cliffs. This is how the Jamaicans get around. I use a route taxi all the time. At night, during the day, whatever. Simply use some common sense LIKE ALWAYS and this is a great and affordable way to get around.

Enjoy Negril, mon. It’s the best 🙂

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Niah’s Patties


That’s my attempt at Jamaican Patois. You’re welcome.

The first time I went to Negril I kept hearing about Niah’s patties. You must try Niah’s patties. But nobody could quite tell me where to find this Niah and his patties. And I was lazy. So I never did find Niah’s patties. The second time I went to Negril I was starving. As usual. And I randomly asked somebody at CoCo La Palm if they had patties and they said to go to Wavz. He has them there. So I went down the beach to Wavz. Didn’t see anybody who looked like they had anything other than jewelry or wood carvings and then I saw a little ordering type window open on this beach hut. Went over to check it out. Asked if he had patties. He looked at me like I was crazy and said yes. So I ordered one. Then along came some sunburned guy who wanted to place an order and he said ‘Hi Niah’. And I was like WHAT THE FUCK YOU’RE NIAH?!?!??! I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU FOR AGES!!!! OH MY GOD ES UN MILAGRO!!! If you haven’t been looking for him I suggest you start. He’s located in Wavz Art Complex next to Tony’s Beach Hut. Almost smack dab in the middle of 7 mile beach. If his window is open and you can’t find him you can ask Milton or Grace Ann at Tony’s if they know his whereabouts and they’ll most certainly help you out. He’s a Rasta so his patties have little or no salt in them and they’re delicious. Fresh and delicious and made with nothing but love. And balance! And Niah is amazing. One of the coolest people you’ll ever meet. So be sure to stop by next time you need a snack and you’re on the beach in Negril, mon.

Respect. And balance!!!

A finished patty ready to go.

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Sau Voi Sandwich & Record Shop

Looking for a delicious authentic Vietnamese sandwich that won’t break the bank and want to browse the latest Vietnamese music at the same time? I know just the place for you.

Sau Voi Corp. Located at 101 Lafayette Street, on the corner of Lafayette and Walker, in Chinatown.  They stock popular Vietnamese tapes/CDs/DVDs and make a tasty sandwich (the veggie Bahn Mi is $2.50). They also have the best Vietnamese coffee this side of Saigon and make a variety of sweets.

This is one of the best things about NYC. You can get authentic food from all over the world with out ever having to leave The City!

Find delicious and cheap Bahn Mi here.
Find delicious and cheap Bahn Mi here.

HOW TO GET THERE: 6, J, N, Q, R, Z to Canal Street

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