Street Art in Athens.

I spent 1 ‘buffer’ day in Athens during my trip to Greece specifically so I could check out the street art. I had heard that the Exarchia, Monastiraki and Psirri areas were the areas with the most street art. But when I was wandering around the city trying to find out where in my phone I had put the note about the neighborhoods with the most street art ’cause I couldn’t for the life of me find it I just started asking people and eventually a man at a cafe told me to go around the corner and I would find it there. That’s how I ended up spending the day in Psirri. Thank you man at the cafe.

I didn’t have a game plan. Clearly. So I just wandered around. There was literally street art EVERYWHERE in Psirri. And granted I didn’t see very much of the city but Psirri ended up being my favorite part of Athens (and Plaka my least favorite. Ew.). I even found a few excellent cafes and restaurants during my wander.

Poems and Crimes is an ‘art bar’. Fancy! There’s a book store in the front and a cafe serving food and drinks in the back. It’s really cute. I liked it a lot. Free wifi. A patio, cheap drinks and good food. What more do you want? The perfect place to take a break from the hot sun and recharge. And…It’s not technically in Psirri, BUT it’s right on the edge.

I wanted REAL Greek food so I tried to find restaurants with mostly Greek people eating in them. I walked by Enastro around lunch and decided to go back for dinner. It’s located on a quietish side street in a beautiful old building. They also have outdoor seating across the street in a welcoming courtyard. The food was delish. And affordable. And there were only Greeks there (and me)! Score.

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