Savannah, GA – 1 day is 1 too many.

Savannah was one of my least favorite places I’ve ever been. EVER! It smells like shit and the nickname of ‘Slow – vannah’ is completely 100% right on because there’s fuck all to do. Dislike. But if you’ve already bought your ticket and you can’t get a refund then here’s some tips to help you survive your, hopefully less than, 3 days there.

Where not to stay:

DO NOT STAY at The Thunderbird Inn. They try to tell you it’s the ‘hippest hotel in Savannah’, but it’s a shit hole. There’s nothing hip about it. It’s dirty, old and overpriced. Being they charge over $100 per night, you’d think they could afford to make some improvements. AVOID AVOID AVOID.

What to do:

I love ghosts, ghost stories, cemeteries, haunted hotels, haunted pubs, etc…And Savannah’s claim as ‘The Most Haunted City in America’ is one of the reasons I decided to visit (that and the fact that you can drink in public). But all three ghost tours I went on more or less sucked. So choose your ghost tours carefully and it’s probably a good idea to lower your expectations. Then hope and pray you get a good tour guide.

Ghost City Tours has a money back guarantee. So technically you can’t go wrong with them. They even do a haunted pub crawl. Which I went on. It was OK. We didn’t actually go in to many places. Most of the time we just stopped in front of the place, the guides told a story and then we moved on. My tour guides weren’t the best :/

Spend an afternoon wandering around Bonaventure Cemetery. You can get a cab out there for around $10. I think that’s the easiest thing to do if you don’t have a car. It’s a beautiful cemetery, pretty big with lots of trees covered in Spanish moss.

Two of the most visited graves are that of Little Gracie and Johnny Mercer. Little Gracie is located at Lot 99 in Section E, off of Mullryne Way. Johnny Mercer is located at Lot 48 in Section H, along Johnny Mercer Lane.

When I went out there the Grave Finder machine wasn’t working and the office was close. Probably best to call ahead and get any gravesite information before you make the trip out there. If you are looking for somebody there is no way you’ll find them with out the location information. The place is huge.
Skip River Street. I wanted to like it, but it’s just a bunch of restaurants and shops for tourists. Nothing cute about it. Except for the cobblestone. The best part about it were the narrow, old, steep stairs leading from River Street up to Bay Street. Danger Will Robinson.
Moon River Brewing Company was one of my least favorite places in Savannah, but it’s seriously haunted so I suggest making a REALLY QUICK stop. Buy a drink and then ask to see the basement. I didn’t see anything or capture anything on film, but It’s supposedly extra special haunted. It’s been featured on Ghost Adventures and probably a few other ghost hunting programs.

Where to eat:

For breakfast I went to The Sentient Bean every day. They serve delicious vegetarian/vegan food and their coffee is organic and fair trade.

I had several delicious meals at Zunzi’s II. I highly recommend the Fisherman’s Deck Sandwich and their special sauces OMG. So good. They have a good beer selection as well. Reasonable prices and delicious food = lots of people. Be prepared for a bit of a wait. But it’s worth it!

And The Olde Pink House holy shit. One of the best meals I’ve ever had. It’s expensive, but worth the splurge. Sit in the basement. It has more ambience. And it’s haunted! By a girl who will lock you in the ladies room. I guess the toilet used to be the dry goods closet so she sees you in there, thinks you’re stealing things, then locks you in. At least that’s the story one of the employees told me. I didn’t get locked in. I was disappointed 🙁

Where to drink:

The best dive bar I found was Abes on Lincoln. Get it? Abes? On Lincoln? HA!

There’s a hidden speakeasy on Williamson Street. Supposedly you need to ask around in order to get a key so you can get it, but I had a few people tell me that all you had to do was knock on the door and they’ll let you in. I went on a Sunday and it was closed. Damn shame.

Instead I ended up around the corner at Chucks Bar (301 W River Street). And I loved every minute of it! It’s a gay bar, but you can’t really tell until you sit down and start talking to people. It’s very divey, they have a jukebox and it’s haunted! The bartender had some great stories to tell about spinning bar stools and furniture being moved around. His stories gave me chills. Really freaked me the fuck out!

My favorite coffee shops (from most to least favorite):


And last but not least the BEST part of Savannah is that one of the runways at Savannah/Hilton Head International was built around two gravestones. Apparently part of the deal with the airport was that they could use the land, and they could move everybody else that was in the family cemetery, but they couldn’t move the graves of Catherine and Richard Dotson. So if you’re on the right hand side of the plane pay attention as you’re taxiing and you can see them right before take off.

Airport graves at SVA.
There’s a headstone in the middle of the photo, slightly to the right.

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