San Lazaro Cemetery

I wasn’t feeling Antigua. It was beautiful, but there were way too many tourists (most of whom are there to learn Spanish at one of the 3 million ‘Language Schools’ in the town) and I felt it was lacking authenticity. Whatever that means. I don’t know I just didn’t like it. I didn’t feel like it was very ‘Guatemalan’.  But it was the only place I went in Guatemala so what the hell do I know.

With that said, one of my favorite things about Antigua was the San Lazaro cemetery which is located directly behind the bus terminal.

With regards to safety…I’m not really sure. To me ALL cemeteries feel like the perfect place to get robbed. This one felt no different. I went with a friend. Perhaps it’s not the best idea to go by yourself? I’m not sure. I would ask the Tourist Police if it’s safe to do so (they have a booth near the campground). We were told not to go to Cerro de la Cruz by ourselves by…. I can’t even remember who….other tourists, the Lying Planet, Tripadvisor, all of the above. But when I asked the Tourist Police they said it was 100% completely fine to walk up there by yourself. SO. Ask the Tourist Police if you’re feeling hesitant. Be smart, but don’t let fear stop you!

Cementerio San Lazaro

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