Coney Island, Brooklyn.

Get out of Manhattan! Come on you can do it! Go spend the day at Coney Island. It’ll be amazing. Take the D, F, N or Q train from midtown. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour on the train, but it’s like another planet. The journey is worth it.

Coney Island is at the very very bottom of Brooklyn and it has its own very unique vibe. There’s no other place like it. It’s very popular in the summer when Luna Park & the beaches are open (, but I like going out there in the fall and winter when there’s hardly anybody around and it’s much MUCH quieter. During the winter I think they do a polar bear swim every Sunday around noon. Crazy fuckers. And Tom’s on the boardwalk is open all year round. So do brunch at Tom’s and then go watch the Polar Bears. Then go drinking.

There are some great dive bars in Coney Island that are open all year round. Ruby’s on the boardwalk is a classic. They also have food for sale. Peggy O’Neill’s is another classic located under the baseball stadium on Surf Ave. They have good bar food and a great jukebox.  And the Coney Island Brewery recently opened right near Peggy O’Neill’s at 1904 Surf Avenue.

In between a walk on the boardwalk and bar hopping you should check out the Coney Art Walls and stop by the Coney Island Museum on Surf Avenue and see what’s going on there. They have quite a few OnlyInConeyIsland programs (Circus Sideshow anyone?) and they have a bar!

The hour on the train is totally worth it. Just do it!



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